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NCSoft sued for infringing on virtual world patent

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In a disturbing turn of events a little know company called Worlds.com has served papers on NCSoft for infringing on their virtual world patent.

Apparently they patented the idea of creating a virtual world and allowing people to interact inside of it, you know the same type of thing that every single MMO uses and games like MAG and APB are going to be using on the console.

I am not sure how anyone can patent such an idea but then again someone patented a rumbling controller and won that case.

The Gotgame website actually feels like they may have a case due to the huge amount of detail they included in the original patent application and if this is the case we can expect to see a flurry of lawsuits falling all over Blizzards offices in the coming year.

You can bet Blizzard are watching this one with a very close eye.

Source: Gotgame

[Thanks to Graeme for the tip]

Last Updated: January 14, 2009

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