Need for Speed: ProStreet is almost here

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This is a title I have been looking forward to ever since NFS: Carbon.

I pre-ordered my copy for XBOX about 2 months ago. GameSpot have released their review and I hate to say it but it does not look good.

After the success of Carbon I was really looking forward to this title. I think I am still going to get my preorder but will trade it in if it does not live up to my expectations.

Man I hope GameSpot got it wrong.

Gamespot Reviews ProSpeed

Last Updated: November 16, 2007

  • Ruslan

    Weird, a few other reviews gave it nice scores to the contrary. If I were you I would check Metacritic for an average.

    On a personal note I dont really buy NFS games anymore as after NFS:U its all just the same with little tweaks here & there.

  • Boswald

    Thanks for the Tip Ruslan.

    I have always used GameSpot as a measure but I will go check out the site.

    Is this Ruslan from BF2 days? 🙂

  • Gamespot, lately, have not been up to standards in their reviews. They are like a local publication we have, which I shall not mention.

  • bokka1

    I think that is fashionable for reviewers to bash NFS as a money making franchise.

    So what if each new game is similar to the previous one- I love them all.

  • J4NR1K

    Wait, you liked Carbon…?

  • scotty777

    well… for me, most wanted and undergroung series where the best.

    Carbon was simply slapped together. the story was ok-ish but the graphics where basically the same as most wanted, only every thing was at night…

    I was ever disappointed by Carbon. the game didn’t even properly support my graphics card(ati 1600xt) and that really got me angry, as where there was shadows, all i saw was black, as though there was nothing there.

    The game was WAY WAY WAY to short, I mean, I sat down, and finished it in a day…

    the cop cars where as dumb as the ones in nfs 1 (yes there were cops then)

    I must say, the quality of NFS went down after most wanted… oh well… we can always wait and see how pro street does

  • Ruslan

    @Boswald – Yeah, from the BF2 days. What was your online nick in BF2?

  • Boswald

    It is [FG]Messiah. Long time no see.

  • Naudran

    I have found Eurogamers ( to be very unbiased when it comes to their reviews. They tell it like it is with any and all games.

    Game NFS: Pro Street a 5/10 btw

  • Fred

    I think burnout:paradise will be more enjoyable. I’ll wait for that.

  • doobiwan

    Yeah B:P is the next racing game on my Radar. I played the Prostreet demo and it’s an awesome “playstation” type game – It has tons of potential but just doesn’t deliver. 😉

  • Ruslan

    @Boswald – Ahh, Messiah. Yeah, now I recall. Nice to see you after such a long break. You into BF2142 by any chance as well?

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