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Neversoft’s next gig is a FPS

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What do you do after you take the most prolific and successful skateboarding franchise and run it in to the ground? Why, you take the most prolific and successful rhythm game series and do exactly the same thing! That’s pretty much what happened with Neversoft (not a pill made by Pfizer) – the Activision-owned developers of once great Tony Hawk Pro-Skater series, and not too long afterwards, with Guitar Hero.

So what’s left? Why, First Person shooters, of course!

According to Gamerzines, the studio is busy hiring a slew of people – multiplayer level designers, network programmers, and a Windows PC Platform Lead Engineer – to help craft a First person shooter. There’s no word whether it’s a new IP they’re busy with, or if they’ll be working on an existing property.

In the interest of keeping things interesting, I think Activision should give Call of Duty to Neversoft – and put Treyarch and Infinity Ward on Tony Hawk on Guitar Hero respectively. Jokes aside, I had no idea that Neversoft was still alive and kicking. I’d just assumed they’d been put to pasture, along with the franchises that it made its name with. Of course, this wouldn’t be Neversoft’s first stab at a shooter; in 2005 they released the open-world third person shooter GUN – and it’s possible that with Cowboy games proving popular (Thanks, Red Dead Redemption!), we may just see a new GUN game with a FPS twist.

Last Updated: September 23, 2011

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