New 40GB PS3 by October

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So the Internet has been buzzing recently about a possible 40Gb PS3 coming out with a Spiderman Blu-Ray bundle with it for only $399… To me it seems a bit like a step backwards since Sony have already phased out the 20GB and 60GB models and I couldn’t quite understand why dropping the HDD from 80 to 40 would save $100…

But the story doesn’t want to die down and after a bit of research I found something that backs up this rumour from Microsoft.

In July this year a Microsoft director (Andre Vrignaud) had the following to say

My prediction is that you’re going to see the creation of a new, low-end SKU this holiday. It’ll likely remove integrated WiFi, memory card reader, and most controversially, all backward compatibility

and then continues to say

You’ll see a new WiFi dongle made available. And finally, this low-end SKU will likely come with a smaller 40 GB hard drive. The low-end price will be set at $399, with the higher-end 80 GB SKU dropping to $499.

Well that does seem to make more sense to me, removing the WiFi and memory card readers would go a long way to cutting $100.

I for one would be much more inclined to pickup this new PS3 so lets hope it hits before Christmas…. Personally I think if they removed the Blu-Ray player and sold it for $299 it would kill….

Thanks to Duncan for the tip…

Last Updated: September 13, 2007

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