New Alan Wake Trailer coming?

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I was just getting used to the idea that Alan Wake wasn’t going to be making it to a console anytime soon and now this news crops up.

“We can truly say with pride (and quite in flames!), That two years of silence, after Remedy intends to present the Alan Wake-game trailer for the new format”

… say what?

You see the problem is Google is trying to translate from a language I don’t recognise (Russian?) to English and getting it all wrong.

The site goes on to tell us

“Trailer includes a new image of the game for a long time in production when the Xbox 360 game”




You gotta love translators.. anyway what it is basically saying is that we are about to get a new trailer for Alan Wake which is going to include some new, never before seen, images from the game.

I have to say I am not overly excited about this game anymore either, I just find that most games that are hyped and then delayed normally end up being sub par…

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[Thanks flameboy for the tip]

Last Updated: October 1, 2008

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