New Bioshock Infinite Trailer showcases in game footage

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What's wrong with this picture?No seriously there is something wrong

Geoff’s been very excited about Bioshock Infinite for a while now but the delays and bad news trickling out of Irrational Games has started to worry even him and I have to admit that this later trailer doesn’t completely reassure me.

Yes it looks like a lot of fun and the sound track is awesome for the trailer but the reason Bioshock 1 was so epic was simply the story behind the game. The gameplay itself I found to be a bit frustrating but acceptable because the story was just so very good.

Similar in a way to Spec Ops: The Line which also had clunky controls but a brilliant story.

What worries me about Bioshock Infinite is that some of the creative minds behind the original game have left and a trailer showcasing in game footage of you jumping, shooting and flying doesn’t make me think that the story is the most important aspect of the game.

I’d rather see a moody, immersive trailer showcasing an indepth story filled with emotion rather than a run and gun.

Am I alone? Are you still just as excited for this title?

Last Updated: October 22, 2012

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