New (?) Gears of War 2 Details

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The guys over at have apparently had some game time with the upcoming Gears of War 2, while the authenticity of this claim is disuptable I do think he has done a good job of collecting all the information around into one place.

Some of the parts I found most interesting were Dual shot boomshot, 12 hour gameplay (perfect in my opinion), playable Raven helicopter, 4 player co-op and one of the main characters from Gears 1 is going to bite the dust in this one..

So who is not going to make it to Gears 3? My money is on either Dom or Cole Train…. Mainly because I don’t see Marcus dying and I can’t remember who the other guy was :S….

Click through to read all the details and start saving for November…


Last Updated: June 9, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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