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New-gen FIFA 14 getting World Cup mode

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The official FIFA world Cup Brazil game isn’t coming to the new consoles, which for some reason, has upset some of you. I don’t quite know why; football is stupid. Honestly though, the new versions of FIFA utilise that fancy ignite engine, making them worlds above that last gen nonsense, and it would have been nice to play out the World Cup using the sexiest versions of the FIFA engine available. Good news then!

EA has announced it’ll be adding in a separate World Cup mode to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 14. don;t get too excited; it won’t let you play through the entire tournament, but it will add all 32 competing teams, as well as the official match ball.

This is separate from the update to FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team Mode world Cup update, which acts as a separate mode within FIFA Ultimate Team, giving players the chance to build their own squad of players from all 32 National Teams taking part in the World Cup Finals.

It’s something, though it’s not a full-fleshed set of world Cup mods that’ll allow you to relive the World Cup as it happens. If you do want to do that , you’ll have to pick up the World Cup game, available only on the old gen systems.

You may not want to though, it’s not particularly good.

“The game is minimalist and doesn’t add enough to justify the cost. Despite the lustre of the event, the game is badly put together. I cannot recommend this for anything other than a shelf adornment,” says our resident Football fundi.

The game and Ultimate Team updates will go live on May 29..and they’re both free.

Last Updated: May 27, 2014

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