New Guitar Hero Price… ouch

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So those of you paying close attention to the Xbox-360 forums yesterday may have noticed the bad news in regards to Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The price has increased substantially to a new RRP of R3,299

That’s more than a Xbox 360 premium which kind of puts it into perspective.

There are apparently 3 different reasons contributing to this and according to the email that was sent to retailers they are 

1. Activision has upped the cost
2. Rand/Dollar  exchange rate
3. Air freight now required

Now obviously the gamers of this fine country are going ballistic and you really can’t expect anything different as this price has now put the game out of most people’s grasp.

It’s always fun to blame people and Megarom being the local face of Activision is taking the full heat of the blast here, however in all honesty it’s not like they have full control over any of those options and we know it.

I don’t buy the currency excuse though, it gets dished about way to often and is just a cheap way of calling us a third world market.. our currency hasn’t been wildly fluctuating like it did in 2002 and can easily be catered for.

The fact that Megarom is flying in some bundles is to be applauded and obviously adds a huge amount onto the price… they have said though that the second shipment is arriving by boat after Christmas and will be cheaper… but we don’t know how much cheaper.

As for Activision increasing the costs… well there is no way to prove that but since the International price hasn’t budged I would have to call bull on that one… or Activision is just picking on the smaller markets only.

The current pre-order price worldwide is about R2300 including taxes… so who has the other grand? 

So to summarise, don’t torch Megarom their bottom line is the one that is going to suffer through this and if they could get it to us at R2300 I promise you they would. They may have jumped the gun by releasing the price to early and now have to face the consequences though.

My recommendation is wait until after the silly season and then pick up the game when it is cheaper.

Apparently we are going to be getting a PR later to confirm this ‘rumour’, if that sheds any more light on the matter I will update.

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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