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New IP shows Xbox’s vitality, say Microsoft

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Microsoft has drawn its knives out and pointed them at Sony, with Microsoft marketing boss Yusuf Mehdi saying he’s unimpressed with Sony’s offerings – and that Microsoft’s focus on new IP demonstrates the systems longevity.

Sorry…Microsoft’s focus on what?

“I think they showed two new IPs,” Mehdi said of Sony’s conference to Venturebeat. “I think we showed at least three or four. We showed LocoCycle, Wrecketeer, Ascend, Matter. All world premiere first-time exclusives,” Mehdi insisted.

“I do feel like with the four IPs that we showed, the ones we talked about, LocoCycle, Ascend, I think those are all things that people are probably surprised about. Wow, seven years into the cycle and you’re shipping four new IPs, what’s that say? Well, it says that the 360 continues to be a good platform.”

Sure Sony might not have demonstrated much in the way of new IP – I’m sorry – but you can’t compare a couple of admittedly interesting Arcade titles to AAA titles like Beyond and The last of us.

Mehdi was quick to point out the 360’s advantages over rival platforms though.

“We’ll be the only platform that has the best first-party shooters this holiday. The only platform. Because we’ll have Halo 4 and Battlefield and we’ll have Call of Duty with exclusive 30-day download. Those are the three hottest, number one shooter games, they’ll do more volume than any other effort,” he said.

“That’s only Xbox 360. And then Gears of War as well. I could kinda go down a few like that. I think anyone who’s a core gamer knows that this is a great place to play games. And then we also have the Xbox Live Gold multiplayer. If you like multiplayer, which a lot of people do, it’s still the place where people go to play multiplayer.”

Honestly, Microsoft’s conference had very little to do with actual games – with SmartGlass far and away being the only genuinely interesting thing they had to show.

I think your knives could do with a bit of sharpening, really.

Last Updated: June 8, 2012

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