New Mafia II screenshots- It looks brilliant

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Mafia Due

As a huge fan of the first Mafia, I feel obliged to share these beautiful screenshots with you. Mafia: City of Lost Heaven was better than GTA3 in my opinion, so this might be the fabled GTA4 killer. It is being developed by 2K Czech

Mafia II is similar to GTA4 in the way that it presents a more immersive and ‘real’ city. It will feature all the period bits of paraphernalia (it’s set in the 1940’s to early 50’s) and have a stricter police force who will arrest you for speeding. The cars will be customisable, and also go through fuel so you’re going to be taking a trip through petrol stations other than to lob a grenades at them.

Interestingly, a lot of emphasis has been placed on cars this time round. You can open the trunk to put your shopping or bodies in, or open the hood to stuff around with the engine (enemies cant drive away in a car that doesn’t work). The script is 700 pages long, and will feature a “grittier, real, a darker world, and the effects are based in reality.” (quote from the writer himself).

I can’t wait for this. The release date isn’t final yet, but is estimated at Q3 or Q4 of this year for PC, PS3 and Xbox360.

For the promised screenshots (courtesy of IGN), check after the jump.

Mafia II Mafia 2

Mafia Deux

For more screenshots, check here.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: January 22, 2009

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