New “Metal Gear” coming to the Xbox 360

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Okay so here is how I imagine it went down…

Microsoft headed on over to Japan to have a chat with Solid Snake, of Metal Gear fame, and attempted to bribe him to come on over to their console of choice.

Snake was very excited about this opportunity but did ask for a large sign on fee. The Microsoft reps were over the moon and this is where all the Internet rumours started up.

However when big Bill found out how much the reps had promised Snake he flipped his proverbial lid and kindly pointed out that for that amount of money they could write there own game…

And so a game was born, the point of this entire story? Who knows…. However this new game sounds interesting and all new IP’s are things to celebrate.

According to the Internet rumours the Microsoft reps have had some game time with the new title and are very impressed, it has supposedly the best graphics of any console game out at the moment and has already pushed the 360 passed its previously presumed  limit.

Don’t expect this game to be released in 2008 however but we should at least start hearing more about it around the middle of the year… Round about when the perpetually delayed Metal Gear Solid 4 makes its appearance.

Any bets on this new IP beating MGS to retail?

Rumor 101: Microsoft’s “Metal Gear” for the Xbox 360

[Anyone else enjoy the irony of an American company copying and possibly improving on something invented in Japan?]

Last Updated: December 30, 2007

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