New Metal Gear Solid Teaser

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This suicide theme isn’t going away now is it…

Apart from that however we do get to see some more ingame shots and some of the famous cut scenes…

I am pretty sure if I understood a word of Japanese (Chinese?) this would all make more sense but for now at least we get to see something… The graphics look awesome but I am still not happy with the way the characters move….

Either way this is going to be huge

Nicks point of view follows after the break

A new MGS4 trailer has made it’s way onto the web and I have to say that it’s looking really good.

I have never been a follower of the MGS series or been a PS3 owner, but I have to say that this trailer really left an impression on me, the game is looking fantastic and it’s making me think of ways to steal a PS3 just to give it a go. Although the trailer is in Japanese, the visuals do a lot of talking.

With the games release only a short while away, I’m sure that fans of the series are eager to get their hands on a copy. According to Shane Bettenhausen on The 1up-Yours podcast, the game is going to be giving fans exactly what they want out of the story by explaining all the mysteries and appeasing them with an ending that will not leave them hanging.

I can’t wait to see what the reviews look like. Now where did I put that balaclava?

Last Updated: April 24, 2008

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