New NBA Jam Announced! First Screen?

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One of my fondest arcade memories of all time (and the major reason that I was sad that I didn’t own an N64) was the hours and amounts of cash that I pumped into playing NBA Jam Hangtime at the local arcade.

Sure the earlier ones were awesome fun on my Megadrive but Hangtime really hit the money. A new NBA Jam has been announced by EA but sadly, it will only be seeing the light of day on the Nintendo Wii.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that it will eventually land on PSN and Xbox Live as well, and that folks, is a great reason to get excited.

Ooooooooooh Ka-Boom. Hit the jump for a screenshot.

A possible first screenshot has been released showing a rather strange graphics style that will possibly blend 3D models and 2D photographs of the player.


I really hope that it’s as awesome as Hangtime was back in the day. Heck, can’t they actually just rerelease it on XBLA and PSN? That would make me really happy.

source: Nintendo Everything

Last Updated: January 12, 2010

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