New PS3 SKU including a rumbling SIXAXIS?

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By now you have heard that a new 80GB PS3 is on it’s way, you may also have heard that in the beginning it is going to be bundled with Motorstorm…

However somebody over at has noticed that the PS3 home button is glowing on the pack shot. As you may well know the button does not glow red on the current SKU.

I would be very suprised if it was a graphical error and what they and I am assuming is that this new SKU includes a rumbling controller. We all know it is coming and it would be very strange to release the new SKU without it really.

Rumble is very important in racing games as well which may be why Motorstorm was included and not Resistance?

Link to Sony announces price drop and 80GB PS3 for U.S. | PlayStation Universe (PSU)

Last Updated: July 9, 2007

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