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New Spider-Man Film Reboot Definitely Made By Gamers – Here's Why

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For those that don’t know, let me get you up to speed quick. A new Spider-Man movie is on its way. It’s a reboot featuring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) and Emma Stone (Zombieland) and it’s actually looking pretty awesome.

Thing is though, the trailer (watchable after the jump) hit the internet yesterday and there are two major giveaways that this movie is being made by a bunch of gamers.

One is about Mirror’s Edge, but did anyone pick up on the other?

So did anyone notice the other thing? Let me give you a very big hint… run the video back to the 0:35 second mark and listen to the music and tell me if it sounds very familiar.

No? Still not getting it, well I was watching it and I instantly realized that I had heard that tune before… and you probably have as well, because it comes from one of the most talked about video game trailers ever released. Still don’t have it?

Here, watch the now-famous Dead Island trailer and listen to the music that starts at the 0:14 second mark. That’s right, same tune, just slightly different with regards to speed and instruments:

Now sure, it could be just a coincidence, the music I mean, because that first-person scene was jacked straight out of Mirror’s Edge (like the slide-under-that-aircon-unit-thing part). Does this mean that they should just give the Spider-Man franchise over to DICE to make us the Mirror’s Edge/Spider-Man crossover sequel we always wanted (we did?).

Who knows, but this still makes me want a Mirror’s Edge 2… like… now please.

Last Updated: July 21, 2011

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