New XBox 360 Elites to have better cooling

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Ever since the launch of the XBox 360 there’s been a steady stream of people that have suffered the dreaded RROD. Microsoft recently admitted that all their consoles are defective and are prone to overheating at any time.

Seems like they’re finally getting their act together and equipping all retail XBox 360 Elites with 2 heatsinks rather than one, which will hopefully get rid of any overheating.

The number of hardware failures of the 360 has been abnormally large and has cost MS dearly (*cough* $1bn *cough*). Hopefully, when the Elite launched here in SA, we’ll get the new batch with the added heatsink.

Source: gizmodo

Last Updated: August 2, 2007

  • Ruslan

    Just to make it even better than it is now. Perfect. 🙂

  • Linq

    when the elite comes then i’ll pick one up provided it comes in at less than 4k…been dying to play gears and crackdown. if not then i guess i’ll wait till gtaiv comes next year – then prob pick up whichever console looks like the best value for money at that time.

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