New Xbox LIVE content control coming

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There are rumours going around at the moment that the new spring dashboard update is going to throw us all of Live! as South Africa is not officially supported.

 This does not seem to be true and the only thing that might happen is that we will no longer be able to access certain content (Movies and trailers) which have not been approved for viewing outside of the US or UK.

Craig Nicholson has been in contact with Microsoft South Africa to confirm that we will still be able to access live and has written about it on his blog. Follow the link for more information.

So as of the upcoming Spring 2007 Dashboard update Xbox LIVE will now filter country restricted content based on source IP address. I have been reassured by Microsoft South Africa that this will not affect the account status of South African Xbox LIVE users registered in the US or UK, it will merely limit content based on the country associated with your internet connection. So yes, we will still be able to play online and access a majority of the content.

Source: Craig Nicholson : New Xbox LIVE content control and South African gamers

Last Updated: May 4, 2007

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