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In Other News – 01 July 2016

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Normally I’d joke about today being a very special day for the most important Liverpool supporting beer-drinker I know, and then add Gavin’s name in after I was done wishing my dad a happy birthday. Instead, I’m wishing a sincere round of jubilation to the OG Lazygamer himself, on this most joyous of days. So serious am I about this, that I even got him a voucher for a meal at Spur and I informed the staff in secret to make the obligatory birthday chanting as loud as possible and to use some illegal sparklers that I picked up across the border in Me-Hee-Co.

Because really, I care.

In Other News: Left 3 Dead teased, the PS4 could get its system shocked and how Bioshock 2 was the undisputed heart of a trilogy.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy hearing the word of it being somebody’s bird-day today. AH WELL WELL BIRD BIRD BIRD-DAY!


Abzû seems a lot like an underwater Journey in this gameplay trailer
Four Mass Effect novels will lead into the story of Andromeda
This week’s XCOM 2 DLC adds a whole new unit class – and it’s robots
Left 4 Dead 3 potentially teased by screenshot of Valve employee’s folder
The giant, hellish bosses of Death’s Gambit
Nintendo takes down NES artbook Kickstarter campaign
Garden Warfare 2’s new community challenges are a good idea
System Shock remake could make it to PS4


Tekken 7 nails the feel of Street Fighter’s Akuma perfectly
The 31 most important Japanese games ever made
BioShock 2 is the underrated human heart of the BioShock trilogy
League of Legends hacker avoids jail sentence


What’s on at The Movies

This red band trailer for family comedy WHY HIM? lacks a filter, dad
Vinnie Jones joins KINGSMAN 2, posts first set pics/videos
Brace for impact with this trailer for SULLY
Netflix orders LOST IN SPACE reboot

Last Updated: July 1, 2016

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