In Other News – 09 February 2016

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Today, if you’re religious (particularly towards the Anglo-Christian end of the spectrum), it’s Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins – and a time when people like to stuff their faces with the things they’re soon be giving up. It’s commonly known as pancake Tuesday, for reasons I’ll never quite understand. That said, it’s a day when many enjoy eating pancakes – or, rather the sorts of things we (and people in the UK) like to call pancakes, which are really closer to being crepes.  If you’re not religious, it’s just a good excuse to stuff pancakes in yer gob, innit?

Commonly eaten with sugar, perhaps cinnamon and a liberal bit of lemon juice, I prefer my pancakes filled with savoury fillings; mince, chicken and mushrooms, spinach and ricotta or well anything really, as long as it goes in my face.


Dying Light The Following free update out, twice the size on Xbox One
Amazon launches free next-gen game engine
Deadpool, NBA 2K16 and Mortal Kombat X headline this week’s Deals with Gold
Machine Zone spent $5m on Schwarzenegger Mobile Strike Super Bowl ad
Shiren the Wanderer saunters westward on Vita
Blizzard is 25 years old today
Plague Inc: Evolved leaves Early Access soon
Hitman beta details accompany new trailer


Star Wars vs Studio Ghibli
Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Yakuza 6
An adventure game about stopping Hitler
Three console generations in one game: Twilight Princess HD


What’s on at The Movies

Hold on to your Swiss Army knives, the MACGYVER reboot movie is still on
DVD Review – BURNT
MONSTERS INC and BIG HERO 6 screenwriter Daniel Gerson passes away
It’s not safe in this new TV spot for 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE
Stephen King discusses his dislike for Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING
Zack Snyder discusses how THE JUSTICE LEAGUE fits into BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

Last Updated: February 9, 2016

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