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In Other News – 19 September 2016

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In Other News: Hotel Dusk sequel in the works, Twitch beat a Chess Grandmaster and remember Spore?

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today because we were too busy still mourning for Harambe.


What time does Destiny: Rise of Iron release? Launch times for all regions
Harambe Vs. Capcom is a free fighter featuring the internet’s favourite gorilla
NVIDIA is organizing India’s first Overwatch eSports tournament
Urien for a treat with Street Fighter V’s latest update
Another mini-game from Final Fantasy XV is coming to mobile
Alliance and Evil Geniuses reveal new Dota rosters
That Hotel Dusk spiritual successor is coming next month
Twitch Plays Chess beats a Grandmaster


When your cosplay is built to protect you from superheroes
Looking back at Spore in a post-No Man’s Sky world
Deaf Destiny player petitions Bungie for captioning
Face-Off: Dead Rising Remastered


What’s on at The Movies

Last Updated: September 19, 2016


  1. Put the Gears 4 Launch Trailer on repeat until Oct 11th.


  2. Skyblue

    September 19, 2016 at 19:58

    I guess there’s nothing on at The Movies ;-p


  3. For the Emperor!

    September 19, 2016 at 20:09

    HUDSON HAWK! Underrated movie!


    • Skyblue

      September 19, 2016 at 20:48

      It was a lot of fun and I never understood all the hate.


  4. ??????? ????? ™

    September 20, 2016 at 07:44



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