NFS: Hot Pursuit Will Get Free DLC – On One Condition

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EA wants to make you all a deal. The Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer is, at this moment, sitting on around about 395,000 views.

EA have announced that they will dish out some free DLC vehicles for NFS: Hot Pursuit if and when the trailer hits 1 million views. That seems like a fair trade to me, not to mention that since reviewing it, I think that the game is well worth my effort in any way.

So guys, if you have NFS: HP, help get this video to a million views. Even if you don’t have it, or don’t have it yet, do your bit for your fellow gamers and at least give the video one view, if only for a few seconds.

It will only take you a minute and oh, by the way, its an awesome trailer anyways.

Last Updated: November 30, 2010

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