Ninja Blade to require a HDD?

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Ninja Blade needs a HDD

This won’t be the first Xbox 360 game that requires a HDD but it may possibly be the first exclusive title that does.

Ninja Blade, a game I have had zero interest in, has cropped up on with the above information blocks. So according to that we are going to need a HDD and a storage device… anyway…

If this isn’t just a typo of sorts then this is a bad day in the day of Xbox gamers, especially the guys who own the Arcade system. A required HDD can only mean one thing.. An install… whether it’s a full on initial install or it is just caching to disk during gameplay makes no difference to me.

It means the developer has not been able to work with the RAM alone or is just taking the easy way out.

However I remember a while back though that Microsoft said that all games will work on all Xbox 360 consoles, so wouldn’t this be opening them up for a class action lawsuit in the land of the Free?

Source: Maxconsole

Last Updated: September 9, 2008

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