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Ninja Gaiden II also sub-HD

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Ninja Gaiden Gore

Yet another high profile game makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons..

The guys over at Beyond3d.com have been testing the Xbox 360 exclusive, Ninja Gaiden II’s, screenshots and they have come up short… again.

According to those very clever people the game is only running at 585P, which is a whopping 130 lower than the minimum accepted HD standard…

This game is just yet another in a long line of sub HD AAA titles and really does make a mockery of the original claims of HD gaming and heaven forbid 1080p titles…

I have never thought that graphics are the most important thing in gaming but this is getting a bit silly now, if this carries on we are going to start getting SD games released again…

Source: Beyond3d.com

[Thanks to kabraal for the tip]

Last Updated: June 2, 2008

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