Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Confirmed for PS3?

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NGII The newest edition of Famitsu has let slip that Tecmo is working on a new version of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the PS3. This will be the magical black-clad Ryu Hayabusa’s second outing on Sony’s HD console, the first being an upgraded port of the Xbox’s formerly exclusive Ninja Gaiden Black. The sequel promises to also be reworked, and not just a direct port of the very violent, ridiculously bloody, and notoriously difficult Xbox 360 Ninja-action title.

Only on Xbox 360? Nuh uh.

Whether this was the title that Tecmo was planning on announcing on March 24 is unknown, but if it is, then this would be the ““the greatest PS3 port of a previously Xbox 360 exclusive game named Ninja Gaiden II game ever”

So much for a new Bomb Jack. 🙁

Source : NeoGaf
You can view the Famitsu scan March 17, 2009

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