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Nintendo announces a new 3DS

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Nintendo’s gone and announced a new 3DS – but don’t get excited, and plan on grabbing a cheaper model with significantly better battery life and two analogue sticks. Because the new 3DS features none of those things. If, however, you have to scrunch your eyes together or put on a pair of coke-bottles just to make out he detail on Mario’s face on the current DS, you have cause for celebration.

That’s right  – the new 3DS is just a bigger version of the current one, not dissimilar to the DSi XL, a super-sized version of the DSi. Actually, it’s so similar, that its carried on with the nomenclature.

The top screen measures in at 4.88 inches while the bottom touch screen is 4.18 inches – giving you a 90 percent increase in total surface area over the regular 3DS. Battery life has been increased somewhat, and will now last you  3.5 to 6.5 hours while playing 3DS games. The regular 3DS, conservatively, gives you  3 to 5 hours of game time from a single charge.

The 3DS XL will be available in three different colours – though they differ by  region. The 3DS XL will be out in European territories  on July 28, gracing our American brethren on August 19. We don’t know what it’ll cost locally yet, but it’ll set the yanks back $199.99.

If you’ve been waiting for Nintendo to release a revised 3DS with a bigger battery and that second analogue….then it seems you’ll be waiting quite some time. Personally, though I’ve only used my Circle Pad Pro for a single gam, I think the lack of a secondary pad on this new, bigger 3DS is inexcusable. Nintendo was probably trying to not upset early adopters who’d feel that they got a raw deal – but the fact is that if this hardware revision had a 2nd pad, more developers would use the thing – and 3DS owners would end up with better games.

Last Updated: June 22, 2012

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