Nintendo DSi getting a possible April US release date

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Nintendo’s money printing machine (no not that one) will possibly see its upgrade hit US shores around April this year. According to ‘multiple sources’ (CVG’s quote) the DSi will retail for $179 when it hits US shores. The DSi, for the uninformed, drops the GBA slot in favour of a SD slot, gets a bigger screen and a VGA camera and is 12% smaller. Also DSi Ware has launched for it in Japan serving a similar function to WiiWare.

Given the ridiculous sales figures of the DS lite, it seems like a good plan to get the upgraded version out as soon as possible to keep consumer interest up. No European date has been formalised, but the 2009 Spring window has been earmarked for its release.

Anyone plan to upgrade? I have yet to purchase a DS but I see no reason to pay the premium when I can get a cheap DS lite in the second hand market.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: January 15, 2009

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