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Nintendo is asking studios to make “4K-Ready” Switch games

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Now that it’s legally old enough to drink (in dog years), the Nintendo Switch has a swell library of games and shovelware on its system. The first-party stuff looks great as well! Heavyweight franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario may not have the same hardware grunt that the PS5 and Xbox Series X do, but much like my brain, these games are able to do so much with so little.

And for a 1080p production, they still look mighty fine overall. Nintendo’s still got a fear that the next-generation of consoles will leave them behind though, and there’s been a rumbling behind the scenes that a beefier and burlier Nintendo Switch console is on the way. While it makes no sense to have a 4K device in handheld mode, having Nintendo games run at 4K when docked could still prove to be a system-seller.

Over at Bloomberg, a new report claims that the Big N is asking developers to squeeze some extra resolution out of games that are coming in the near future. “Nintendo has asked [several outside game developers] to make their games 4K-ready, suggesting a resolution upgrade is on its way,” the report read.

There’s nothing frightfully new about all of this, but it does throw more fuel onto the rumour fire of an upgraded Switch being in development. Having “4K-ready” games could also benefit other games as well, such as last year’s Switch release of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red would likely be very happy to drop a patch onto that version of the game, seeing as how it’s also going to be getting free PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades.

Does the Switch really need a 4K upgrade? That’s debatable. But some extra hardware power that will enable more third-party games to exist on the console without having to make too many compromises, would also be kind of neat.

Last Updated: September 9, 2020

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  1. Iskape

    September 9, 2020 at 19:41

    I am really hoping there is one in the works, but I can only see them officially announcing it after the craze that will be the release window for the XSX, XSS and PS5.


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