Nintendo is Happy to Target "The Halo Audience"

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Reggie Fils-Aime (boss man of Nintendo of America) has expressed his belief that the Wii console may be able to gain the interest of more of the core gamer audience.

He believes this will happen in the year as a result of some of their releases like The Conduit and Dead Space Extraction.

In an interview with CNET Fil-Aime spoke about his views regarding the console’s potential and opportunities and most importantly, why “the Halo audience” is an achievable market.

This is clear as he says that,

We have near-term, mid-term and long-term opportunities… The near-term opportunity is the consumer who owns a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 and has been bad-mouthing Wii to their friends. We can reach that consumer with games like The Conduit or Tiger Woods with Wii Motion Plus…

The mid-term opportunity is the more mainstream consumer who saw Wii at a friend’s house but just needs a little extra incentive to get into our game. That’s what Wii Motion Plus and Wii Fit Plus and new Super Mario Bros. Wii will hopefully achieve. And the long-term opportunity is that person who currently says, ‘I don’t play videogames and I have no interest in playing videogames.

We think we win over the Halo audience with something like The Conduit, a multi-player, online, shooting experience, or Dead Space Extraction. And you know what? Once those people buy into Wii, they’ll go buy Mario Kart or Wii Fit Plus.

We’re not going to be satisfied just picking up that existing gamer. We have to reach beyond and get that consumer who doesn’t game. That’s the only way we’ll be able to continue growing as a company and as an industry.

Pretty bold words if you ask me but overall I have got to say that it looks like there’s some strong hope for the Wii console out there. Now I know that most people always refer to the Wii’s lacking in HD graphics etc etc but still – gameplay is king, why else would we be able to get classics like Pacman, Frogger and Resident Evil one on Xbox Live or PSN? Because they’re awesome that’s why! So if Nintendo thinks they’ll be able to push out some kick ass titles for the Wii then they should go right on and do it.

Source: gameindustry

Last Updated: June 9, 2009

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