Nintendo smashes records again

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Can Nintendo do anything wrong at the moment?

At a recent press conference Reggie Fils-Aime (COO of Nintendo America) had this to say

“Only twice has one company simultaneously had the No. 1 new hardware console, the No. 1 portable console, the No. 1-selling game and been the No. 1 overall software publisher,” he said in an interview here. “The first time was Nintendo in the ’80s. The second time is Nintendo now.”

Putting that into context do you remember the Gamecube from the last generation, the one that tanked so badly Nintendo where all but ignored this time around…

The turn around Nintendo has managed in this generation is miraculous.

Source: Nintendo – Video Games – Column – New York Times

Last Updated: May 29, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ruslan

    Go Ninty Go! Amazing how quickly tables turn on what was labeled once as a stupid non-sense non-next-gen badly-named gaming console. 🙂

  • HungryHooligan

    Im too lazy to move my arm or hand the whole time. i wish they can make a console, which is controlled by my mind, untill then ill stick with the xbox or PS, which only requires finger movements. 🙂

  • LazySAGamer
  • HungryHooligan

    Haha well done. but i was hoping somthing more comfitable, like it can just tell what im thinking, without a funny head device.

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