Nintendo unveiling mobile plan this week

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Nintendo is unveiling their new plan to go mobile at some point this year according to the Japanese newspaper “The Nikkei”, but not in the way you would expect. They will formally announce this at an investors meeting this Thursday.

Don’t get excited, Nintendo isn’t actually going to put games on mobile devices. They are using the platform to market their consoles and handhelds, likely through some sort of official Nintendo app. They’ll release videos and pre release information to consumers via the app. More interestingly, there are plans to add playable demos as a sort of teaser to buy the full game on their consoles. The good news is that all of this content will be free, the bad news is that it’s not as interesting as just releasing games for mobile. No Super Mario/Angry Birds crossover for you. At the moment, an iOS version has not been confirmed.

Nintendo has been a little all over the place lately due to their poor sales numbers. They’re possibly rushing out a successor to the WiiU, they’re playing around with Android stuff..and it all smells like desperation to me. I’m not sure whether to be glad or disappointed that they aren’t developing for mobile.

It’s easy to say that Nintendo is going the way of SEGA, falling out of the console race to merely be a third-party developer of software. I do think that’s a little pre-emptive  as some of their major console-selling games like Super Smash Bros and Donkey Kong Country haven’t come out yet, but Nintendo have seen better days.

Last Updated: January 28, 2014

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