Nintendo Wii to get a 20% price cut at the end of September

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Wii Price Drop

The Nintendo Wii is the only current gen console not to receive a price drop yet and after the latest price drops from Sony and Microsoft the Wii has been looking decidedly pricey.

So it comes as no surprise to see a bunch of rumours proclaiming a Wii price drop in coming weeks and these rumours have now all but been confirmed with a leaked Toys R Us pamphlet doing the rounds.

According to Toys R Us the Wii will be receiving a $50 price drop on the 27th of September which unsurprisingly is around the same time as the Tokyo Game Show.

I would be very surprised if this price drop isn’t a global thing so we can expect the price in SA to drop down to R2640 ($353) and in Australia to drop to AUD$295 ($253).

Maybe when we are big we can also pay the same amount for our games as the Americans?

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 15, 2009

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