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Nintendo.com Benefits From Wii’s Popularity

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 So techwhack.com has been doing some research and have come up with some interesting facts. Nintendo.com’s popularity has increased by 91% in the last year alone due to the imminent release of the Wii late last year… Xbox.com has also seen some good growth most probably due to releasing in many countries in the last year.

However Playstation.com has actually dropped 8% which is very very strange since they release the PS3 last year November and you would have expected a huge surge in traffic due to that…..

Nintendo 91%
XBOX      47%
Playstation -8%

If anyone is wondering about the raw visitor figures they end up in the exact same order now

Visitors (thousands)
Nintendo 1,631
XBOX      1,218
Playstation 1,016

Source: Nintendo.com Benefits From Wii’s Popularity

Last Updated: March 14, 2007

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