No, Far Cry 4 isn’t racist. Seriously people, this is going too far

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This started as an article and ended as a rant, so yeah enjoy I guess. We turn our back for a minute and the alert political correctness brigade launches a massive attack on Ubisoft for the blatantly racist and homophobic cover art for Far Cry 4.

No I’m not kidding.

According to a post on Neogaf the box art for Far Cry 4 is deeply offensive

“The moment I saw the picture below, I felt my heart sank. An evil character, wearing all purple, having an edgy stylish modelesque haircut, hand resting on a guys head…I instantly thought they could be making a gay antagonist.”

Now I can state with 100% certainty here that when I saw the box art I didn’t think the guy was gay. I’m expecting a flamboyant and scary man who has lost touch with reality.

But I guess if you are trying to see something homophobic then you can see it everywhere. As you can with racism as an indie developer pointed out in his tweet

I had to go look at the cover art again after reading that. Take a look

I see the king displaying absolute dominance over a captured fighter and at first glance I actually thought that the king was Asian. I raised this with our in house Asian who we keep around for just these sorts of questions.

According to Geoff the guy doesn’t look Asian but is possibly more German or Scandinavian. So I guess that makes me racist against Asians.. or am I racist against Germans and Scandinavians? Is that even possible seeing that I’m white?

The problem continues though with a quote from a PHD student

“I know FC3 was hugely successful, but a number of the game’s fans were put off of a game they would’ve otherwise enjoyed b/c issues of colonialism, racism, homophobia, and ableism.”

Don’t feel bad if you have never heard of ableism, neither has my spellchecker but apparently it means people have contempt and lack of respect for people with physical disabilities. Yes now not only can you be randomly picked out for being misogynistic, racist, homophobic or colonialist. You can now be singled out for not being disabled.

What I found even worse though is that an article was posted on discussing this exact problem but in essence defending the people who are offended and saying that Ubisoft should have done this differently. It’s just another case of people jumping to conclusions, trying to find moral outrage where none should exist. According to Ubisoft Montreal’s creative director Alex Hutchinson, the fellow on the cover isn’t white to begin with, so why don;t you all put your pitchforks away until we actually do know more.

I’ve reached the end of my tether with how ridiculous the vocal parts of the Internet and the world has become.

The two recent examples of this offended attitude in the real world that have really upset me recently was when Donald Sterling who told his mixed race girlfriend, in a private phone conversation,  to not bring a black man to watch his NBA team play. He has since been banned from the NBA, fined $2.5 million and is being forced to sell his NBA team because people are so outraged with the man.

The other one is the Chef Executive of the British Premier League, Richard Scudamore, whose temporary assistant somehow managed to get into his private email account and was horrified that he had forwarded on some sexist jokes about woman and now the PC brigade is trying to get the man fired.

Both cases were about things said or read in private and yet both these men could lose their jobs and their names are already irrevocably tarnished.

It’s getting out of hand and it has to stop.  Just because there is something wrong with you or you feel different doesn’t mean that the rest of the world has to change the way they act. You’re big enough and ugly enough to look after yourself so quit whining about everything and finding problems where none exist.

If you want to label me then feel free to use this

If you don’t like how a game is being portrayed then don’t buy it, it’s really not that difficult a concept to understand. The same goes for people calling me offensive on my personal twitter account, seriously I’m not forcing you to read my anti-religion and anti-stupidity tweets and yet people complain on a weekly basis.

So stop thinking that people care if you are offended, the vast majority do not.

Rant over

Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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