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No Final Fantasy XII until 2009

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Following on from yesterdays rumour of Final Fantasy going cross platform Square Enix has confirmed today that no games will hit the PS3 until the next Fiscal year.

This would be After April 2008, though once you add in development time for the extra languages and localisation we could easily be looking at 2009 before a PAL version is released.

I saw yesterday one of our local PS3 stalwarts finally getting himself a Xbox 360 due to the cost of the PS3, with these sorts of delays becoming quite common I still stick to my original advice.

Get a Xbox 360 now and then when the PS3’s good games come out and the price drops gets on of those. This may now be July next year though.

Let’s hope Sony announces some great things at E3 this year.

[edit] Thanks for pointing out the typo in the subject, seriously though can’t they get a better name? Way to many Roman numerals for me.

Link to Square Enix: No PS3 games (Final Fantasy XIII) until after April 2008 – Joystiq

Last Updated: June 27, 2007

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