No Final Fantasy XIII in 2008

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It seems that the latest rumours about Final Fantasy XIII being released in 2008 may have been slightly off the mark.

Joystiq went shouting from the rooftops recently about how it had been confirmed that a PSN demo was on its way this year and that the game would hit retailers before year end.

However it seems that they may have been using a bit of creative reading in that story. It has now been stated that it is not confirmed that FFXIII will be released this year. Though it still may.

This unfortunately is another game that I don’t really follow that much so I am not crying over this.

Not that I didn’t say this in June either (Yeah flame me for that typo again) // Final Fantasy XIII // Final Fantasy Versus XIII for Playstation 3 // Final Fantasy Agito XIII for MOBILE – Screenshots, Trailers, Downloads, Soundtracks and more…

Last Updated: January 30, 2008

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