No Gears of War 2 – Nonsense…

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Gamepro has caused a bit of a stir by publishing a story in their magazine about what they expect Gears of War 2 to contain and that they expect it to land in 2008. However Epic has now come out and called the article nonsense and has stated that they haven’t given Gamepro an exclusive of any kind.

However the more you read into this the more pointless it all becomes. Epic’s executives have stated that they have not even thought about Gears of War 2…. rubbish. Every person who has ever played Gears of War has thought about a prequel/sequel.

The game ended with an obvious reference to a sequel and Cliffy B has stated before that he doesn’t think the game should have to end after the trilogy.

So Epic stop thinking we are complete morons and just let us know when it is coming.

Click through the link to read about the Gamepro article which has no great insights apart from the fact that Gears 2 will be very much the same as Gears 1 with an enhanced multiplayer option. I personally liked the multiplayer of Gears 1.

What’s with the car? Well Cliffy B managed to buy himself a red one from the  profit sharing of Gears of War 1, so how likely do you think it is that he won’t be pushing hard for a second one?

Journalism: Read GamePro’s “Nonsense” Gears of War 2 Article

Last Updated: February 6, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Those crazy software developers with their crazy sports cars and super model girl friends!!!

  • chances of dating a super model… a certainty

  • doobiwan

    Mmmm, yellow gallardo . . . . I need to get me one of those . . .

  • LazySAGamer

    I too could suffer to work in one of those…

  • Fox1

    He should have rather built a personal race track

  • J4NR1K

    Fox1, that is what the Gears 2 sales will achieve 😉

  • Fox1

    @J4NR1K- lol, I hope so it does!

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