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No Man’s Sky may start out different for everyone who plays it, but there’s one universal constant at play here: Greed is good. Specifically the kind of greed that has you hoarding various resources so that you can escape whichever mudball you’ve found yourself stranded on, cursing William Shatner and reciting Moby Dick while showing off your finely chiselled pectoral muscles.

I may have gotten ahead of myself though. There’s a lot of resources and elements present in No Man’s Sky, too many to accurately keep track of. Fortunately, here’s a handy list of the valuable star-stuff discovered so far in No Man’s Sky:

NMS Elements (2)


  • Lemmium – Heavy metal alloy used for freighter construction.
  • Terumin – Light metal alloy used for the construction of trading shuttles.
  • Herox – Neutral alloy, Jack of all trades.
  • Magmox – Lustrous alloy with high value.


  • Carbon – Found inside planetary fauna.
  • Plutonium – Found on planets in spiky ore formations on the surface and in caves.
  • Thamium9 – Found on planets and asteroids in red flowering plants.

NMS Elements (1)


  • Aluminium – Found on asteroids and in rock formations.
  • Copper – Found on asteroids and in rock formations.
  • Emeril – Found on asteroids on planets.
  • Gold – Found on asteroids and in rock formations.
  • Iridium – Found on rock formations and in the core of Thamium9 asteroids.
  • Nickel – Found on asteroids and by feeding animals.


  • Iron  – Found in rock formations and asteroids.
  • Titanium – Found in yellow crystalline formations on hot planets.
  • Zinc – Found in yellow flowering plants on planets.

Precious Elements

  • Calium – Found inside blob-like species.
  • Omegon – Found by feeding animals.
  • Radnox – Found inside the rock formations of planets.


  • Chrysonite – Found in blue crystal formations on various formations.
  • Heridium – Found in terrain formations that are marked out by holographic cubes.
  • Platinum – Found on certain blue plants on planets.

No Man’s Sky is out today on PlayStation 4 and Friday for PC. If you’re wondering what the first few hours are like, then Alessandro will be more than happy to talk your ear off about the game with these early impressions.

Last Updated: August 10, 2016

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