No MGS4 on Xbox 360

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2 has managed to corner Mr Kojima (Head Honcho for MGS) and had a really interesting interview with him.

“But like I said, MGS4 is aimed for the movie theatre, it’s aimed for the PS3, so the game’s scenario and graphics need this theatre-type hardware. It’s when a producer has a game that can work on the ‘DVD level’ that a game will go multiplatform”, he says. Sorry kids. Your “OMGMGS4360” banners will have to come out another day.

If you are a bit confused after that quote don’t feel bad, it’s because he went on this trip about the PS3 being a theatre and the Xbox being a DVD and the Wii being a TV channel… ? Anyway back to the point. He says there will not be a version of MGS4 on the Xbox 360.

He also mentioned that he wants rumble in his game but it’s a timing issue, which I guess means it depends on how long it takes Sony to add rumble as a feature physically.

I guess the Xbox guys are just going to have to console themselves with Halo 3 and GOW 2…

If you want to read the rest of the interview click through.

Source: Feature: Talkin’ Metal Gear With Hideo Kojima – Kotaku

Last Updated: April 3, 2007

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