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No more NPD sales figures from analysts

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Here on Lazygamer, we’ve pretty regularly used sales figures provided by the NPD Group – the market research company that’s tasked with generating monthly lists of top selling games software and hardware in the United States. The figures have been helpful in seeing how well the industry in general is performing – and also to stimulate debate.

Last year, the company decided to trim the information they’d publically release their findings, but we still got the juicy bits from industry analysts like Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter. Well, those days are over.

“NPD would appreciate it if you and your teams refrain from providing any of our Games data directly to the media,” says an email from NPD’s Daniel De Pinhoto the aforementioned analyst. “This includes live discussions, e-mails, and/or notes. In some cases, you may have to remove the media from your distribution list,” De Pinho added. “Should the media take issue with this, you can feel free to send them my contact information, and I can connect them with the appropriate NPD representative.”

While I understand that the company just wants to keep its product – their research – a commodity they charge their customers for, this seems like it’ll only shroud industry performance in a cloud of mystery. Not so, says the NPD! “We have heard from our clients and retail partners that NPD information is increasingly out in the public domain without proper attribution, incorrect context and in other ways that is not in the best interest of our clients or the industry. It is our responsibility and right to manage the usage of that information, and our Financial Services clients have agreed to help us and the industry in this regard,” adding that “We are not freezing out the media as it has been portrayed. Instead, we are looking to work even more directly with the media than we already do to ensure our information and insights are used responsibly.”

How in the hell are we going to rile up fanboys now? VGChartz? Pah!

Source : Gamasutra

Last Updated: March 29, 2011

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