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No multiplayer for PS3 DiRT 3 players

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I knew this blasted multiplayer pass-code purchase incentive would come back to bite gamers in the arse. Rally fans who’ve purchased the new DiRT 3 for their PS3’s  are unable to access the online features of their new game. Each new copy ships with a single-use online access code that grants access to online features like multiplayer and Youtube uploads, but PS3 owners have found that until the PSN’s store goes back online, they’re unable to redeem those codes.

"It is a really unfortunate situation but we are positive that Sony is doing everything to rectify the service as soon as possible," a Codemasters spokesperson said to CVG. Sony’s PSN was switched off on April 20, following a series of cyber attacks that saw the company compromise millions of users private data. It’s recently been switched back on, but only in a rudimentary form that allows multiplayer, but little else. The PSN store is currently still on track to be up by the end of this month, but until then players are going to be stuck playing with themselves. After they’ve played a bit of DiRT 3’s extensive single player modes, of course.

Warner’s recently released Mortal Kombat was similarly crippled, but they’ve made it to players can play online without the need for activation codes until the PSN store is back up. Mortal Kombat was built for background patching though, so it’s unknown if Codemasters will be able to offer similar solution without submitting a patch for certification. It should go without saying, but PC and Xbox users are unaffected.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: May 25, 2011

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