Noob Dota 2 for Dota 2 n00bs

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Join Grant Hinds: Professional Geek as he explores the heroes of Dota 2 from a noob point of view. Hinds has uploaded ten super awesome, super exciting videos so far. Most recently with a guest caster very close to our hearts, well known local cosplayer and for those of you that don’t know, ass kicking Dota 2 player Genevieve ‘KomboKitten’ Lesch.

Most of you know Grant Hinds as a popular local gaming personality and now you can share in his experience of playing Dota 2 from a noob’s perspective. I too have not yet wandered the magical lands of Dota 2 and think it’s a great way to learn some things about the game when you, like me, feel a little shy to ask the pro’s about it, or don’t know any one that can teach you. KomboKitten also wrote a cool blog about it, which you can read right over here.

Check out the two latest videos with Hinds and KomboKitten, where they jam with Drow Ranger the ranged marksmanship hero and Huskar.


You can head on over to Hinds’ Youtube channel to watch all his Noob Dota 2 videos.

Last Updated: October 17, 2012

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