Not a bad PS3 deal from Nashua

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This is not a sponsored post, we don’t actually do sponsored posts but if we did we’d let you know and this isn’t one of them.. this is actually a deal that landed in my inbox (spam) this morning that I actually think isn’t that bad.


According to this flyer you can get a 320Gb white PS3 with two controllers plus a Samsung Galaxy Pocket for R199 a month on a 2 year contract.

The contract is a Vodacom Smart Light which appears to be a pay as you go type contract except that every month you get 100Mb of data, 75 off peak minutes, 20 anytime minutes and 100 SMS’s bolted onto your contract.

The Pocket isn’t the awesome Galaxy S3 but if you want a smart phone for cheap and also need a PS3 then you could do worse than this.

You’ll be paying R4800 over the two years so yes you can get a PS3 cheaper but not everyone has an Edgars card Geoff.

Last Updated: October 22, 2012

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