Not Convinced – GT Prologue

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Okay I posted a story yesterday about the upcoming GT Prologue, which seemed to have hit a few nerves as I was not very impressed with the trailer I had.

Well Fox1 was kind enough to point me to what seems to be the most up to date trailer I could find and while it is much better than the trailer I used I am still not convinced.

Don’t get me wrong, the cut scenes are absolutely amazing, the detail and quality is probably unsurpassed. However when you get to the part that shows us the actual gameplay the graphics drop terribly. To a point where they don’t look anywhere near as nice as PGR 4.

There are some awesome features in this game and I am not trying to say it is a bad game, I just need more convincing that it is the second coming. It just doesn’t give me anything new at the moment.

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Last Updated: February 28, 2008

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