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Okay I posted a story yesterday about the upcoming GT Prologue, which seemed to have hit a few nerves as I was not very impressed with the trailer I had.

Well Fox1 was kind enough to point me to what seems to be the most up to date trailer I could find and while it is much better than the trailer I used I am still not convinced.

Don’t get me wrong, the cut scenes are absolutely amazing, the detail and quality is probably unsurpassed. However when you get to the part that shows us the actual gameplay the graphics drop terribly. To a point where they don’t look anywhere near as nice as PGR 4.

There are some awesome features in this game and I am not trying to say it is a bad game, I just need more convincing that it is the second coming. It just doesn’t give me anything new at the moment.

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Last Updated: February 28, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Fox1

    @Lazy- Always glad to help out. Flame bait Friday came early! 😀

    These guys spend too much of time modeling the cars and less time texturing the tracks.

    The thing that worries me is that by the time GT5 is available FORZA 3 would or should be announced and knowing the close relationship that Turn 10 and Bizzare Creations have, it should feature full on weather effects and the customisability option will be as standard.

    What am I doing finding videos for the PS3???
    It’s for the love of racing games. I take them seriously. Oh and I love seeing videos of how far the PS3 has come.

  • doobiwan

    Hmm, if Microsoft handed Turn 10 the PGR4 engine after Bizarre’s exit, things could get quite heated in the sim market.

    Although frankly between all 3 I’m most excited about GRiD. DiRT was amazing, not only graphically, but just for getting everything just right. Enough cars and races to be exciting, but not a Carkemon game, and gameplay that was real enough to not feel fake. Full damage, interactive environments and beautiful “fantasy tracks”.

    Delicious, I can’t wait.

  • baba

    I don’t think it is fair comparing graphics from Forza and GT to PGR4. With Forza and GT a lot of the processing power goes into the physics (car handling etc). PGR4 and Burnout concentrate a lot more on ‘Arcade’ handling which is not as processor intensive, so more processing power can go to the Gfx engine.

  • Fox1

    I can’t wait for GRID either.

    @Baba- Forza 2’s 360 calculations(60fps) a minute is impressive yes but CoD 4 runs at the same pace.

  • Fox1

    Make that 360 calcualtions a second!

  • baba

    That is true Fox, but if I remember correctly, that is 360 calculations per second for +- 7000 moving parts inside the car. A man running in COD4 does not have physics calculated 2 520 000 times a second. That extra CPU time can go into AI, or Gfx. Totally different games – not comparable.

  • Fox1

    @baba- I see your logic 🙂

  • abe

    Lazy have you seen the vids that show off the in car cam?
    Sorry if its in the above, my cap is crying and I cant watch it. The in car cam is awe inspiring and the lighting seen in GT surpasses anything I have seen before!

  • LazySAGamer

    Yes it is in that one above… still not impressed but it’s unfair really since I have seen PGR4 in pure 42″ HD while I have only seen GT in a little web video..

    Let’s just say I am not impressed… yet…

  • Fox1

    @Abe- Has the PS3 had any major racing sims to compare GT5 with?

    If not, use PGR4 and FORZA2(Sebring track) to compare with. PGR3 is also more than capable!

    I’m also almost out of cap. I may miss flame bait Friday 🙁

  • papa-action

    I cant believe that they still haven’t put a damage model in the game. I hate the way the cars just magically bounce of the walls. It makes the game feel like Ridge Racer 🙁

  • doobiwan

    I believe that’s just a prologue thing and real GT5 will have damage. GRiD on the other hand has FULL damage ala DiRT, which was pretty amazing.

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