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Not everyone is going to be happy with the ending to Mass Effect 3

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The current storyline of Commander Shepard and his galactic fight against the Reapers may be drawing to a close next month, but if you think that this will be the final Mass Effect game ever made, you’d have to be crazier than a human teasing a Krogan when it’s angry.

Still, with Mass Effect 3 shaping up to be a grand send-off for the current cast, fans are hoping for an ending to the game that will be both satisfying and exhilarating. And that’s an area that Bioware has notoriously botched up in the past, something that the studio has done its best to avoid for the third Mass Effect game.

“We want the outcomes to be satisfying to the player. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all going to be happy or positive,” associate producer Mike Gamble told Gamerzines. “It’s going to make some people extremely happy. It’s going to make some people angry,” he said in another interview with Eurogamer.

But that’s part of it, right? To invoke the emotion putting some of these stories to bed will naturally bring up. I honestly think the player base is going to be really happy with the way we’ve done it. You had a part in it. Every decision you’ve made will impact how things go. The player’s also the architect of what happens.

You’ll get answers to everything. That was one of the key things. Regardless of how we did everything, we had to say, yes, we’re going to provide some answers to these people.

Still, whether you manage to off your version of Commander Shepard in a grand fashion or not, Gamble is still hinting that keeping the save game for ME3 might be something that pays off in the long run, when the next batch of games eventually appears.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea. Obviously I can’t say anything, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Gamble said.

Mass Effect 3 launches on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 next month.

Last Updated: February 3, 2012

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