Not sure if trolling: What’s the deal with the new Guild Wars 2 Trailer?

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Person trapped in stone, hot criminal chick vandalizing property, dude walking on hot coals, another hot chick swimming through her flooded living room and then making a dramatic exit from the water. This is the new Guild wars 2 trailer. What exactly does it have to do with the game? Probably nothing, but it looks cool!

So ArenaNet released this new official live-action video to celebrate the reopening of sales as they had suspended first party and retail sales a mere two days after the official release of the game but now it’s open again and the world rejoiced. But I find myself sharing the same thought as Kotaku and asking the same question: what the hell is going on in that trailer? The obvious connection to me is that they’re trying to convey that people who live on the edge and underwater homes are really good at Guild Wars 2 and are secretly in-game characters but just disguised as people. Maybe you can explain it to me.

Last Updated: September 11, 2012

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