Punch a pervert

Remember when I told you about that game where you could punish girls as part of RPG leveling? Well, now the ladies are getting their revenge in this latest craziness out of Japan.

Punishment Punch Girl is a smartphone game that lets players beat up perverts. According to Siliconera:

Because in the year 20XX, Japan has been overrun with these crazed men who want nothing more than to be beaten up by the masked high school girl “Momiji” and administered “justice”.

The controls are simple – smash buttons at the bottom of the screen to make combos. The more you mash, the better your uppercuts, jabs and punches. Beat your foe to a pulp before the timer runs out. The goal is to pacify Japan through punishing all the perverts. Just check out the video:

Punishment Punch Girl is on iOS and coming soon to Android. I’m not sure I really get this game – Japan comes out with all manner of craziness – but I do like the idea of beating grown men who dress as children and hang around swimming pools, so cool. Go for it ladies!

Last Updated: October 28, 2013

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