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Now this is pod racing! Modder recreates the best Star Wars racing game in Unreal Engine 4

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Pod Racing

If you ever wanted to feel old, how’s this for a shocker: The first Star Wars prequel turns 20 this year. That’s right, the George Lucas slapstick caper featuring Jedi, a bumbling doofus and an awesome lightsaber fight that really falls apart if you examine it too closely has reached the two decade mark, and what a time it was to be alive back then!

Star Wars fever was running wilder than Wrestlemania, my bowl of Cornflakes had actual plastic busts of the Episode 1 characters that I accidentally ate and Woolworths sold a Phantom Menace chocolate that oozed a silver substance because that was merchandise! I mean, who didn’t want to eat the head off of a Jar Jar Binks chocolate and see it bleed Terminator blood?

Anyway, the video game side wasn’t too bad either. The main Phantom Menace video game was a top-down action spectacle that had you controlling either Not Quite Gone Jim or Only One Cannoli as they swung their glow sticks through Trade Federation droids and other dangers. The other game that most folks remember was the glorious pod racing spin-off that had you piloting a chariot that was being pulled forward by a pair of space engines. Back in the day, this was awesome:

Twenty years later, and that nostalgia is being revisited. Hearing the pleas of the millions who still cry out for a proper remake of the classic game, modder RobJin has answered their prayers with a spiffy update that takes the original game out of the gutters and gives it a fresh coat of Unreal Engine 4 paint. The result? Nostalgia racing forward at maximum speed:

I think it says a lot when one of the best Star Wars games in recent memory comes from a single person instead of a gigantic company that has been holding onto the license for years now, but I’m done beating that pile of bantha poodoo. There’s probably close to zero chance that we’ll ever see pod racing get the love and care it deserves from EA, leaving fans such as RobJin to pick up the pieces and put them back together.

If the action above looks mighty tempting, then good news! You can download the demo for the game, right through this link. Y’know, before Disney sends in a legion of Deathrooper lawyers to Order 66 this project back into the ground.

Last Updated: March 12, 2019

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