Now we know when the devil will arrive

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Remember how Diablo III is coming to consoles?  Well, Blizzard has confirmed the release date of 3 September 2013.  That’s right, your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will be possessed as of September.

Content as has been “fine tuned” for consoles, including being tailored for gamepad-driven action and a new user interface.  Players can go it alone, or use the PSN or XBOX Live to connect with others, creating parties of up to four characters.  At least the console versions will benefit from all the updates that the PC version has experienced.

“In addition to the fine-tuning we’ve done for the console versions, we’re also including major content and design updates we’ve made to the PC version over the past year, so players can expect an epic Diablo gaming experience when the PS3™ and Xbox 360 versions launch in September.”

Those who pre-order the console version will get the in-game item – the Infernal Helm – which gives the character an EXP boost.  Apparently, there may also be limited-edition preorder bonuses, but more details are still to come on that and may not be available locally.

When Diablo III was released in May 2012, it became the fastest-selling PC game of all time.  However, the servers were unable to cope with the massive amount of players, leading to the Error 37 meme.  Many people talk about getting bored and leaving Diablo III after a relatively short time playing; yet Blizzard still claims that Diablo III logs 3 million unique players every month – although that was a couple months back and who knows if they were just checking the auction houses.

Considering that players can play alone (and the uproar about always online games), let’s continue to assume that single player can be done offline.  However, I’m still worried that Blizzard is listing a Senior Software Engineer (for their servers) as “particularly critical” on their job listings.  C’mon guys, please get your servers 100% before you become the butt of anymore jokes!

You gonna go for it on the console?  How do you think it will compare with PC?

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

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