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Nu Metro to Release the Wii?

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I reported earlier about the rumours brewing on the forums that Nu Metro is going to be distributing the Nintendo Wii in South Africa. The rumour says that it will be released locally in August and will retail for +- R3000.

Since Ster Kinekor are the distributors of the PlayStation it is not a long stretch to see why Nu Metro would want to import the Wii, especially since it is outselling everything out there at the moment.

I contacted Nu Metro and asked for them to comment and got a very general response from the Nu Metro Interactive Product Manager, Kevin Oberholster stating

“Currently the license has not been awarded as yet for the territory, any announcements would come from Nintendo on the finalization of the distribution agreement for final confirmation.”

So make of that what you will…

Here is my translation…

Currently we are going to be releasing the Wii in South Africa but we have yet to finalise all the details with Nintendo and therefore cannot release anything at this time.

So watch this space and we will see what comes of this…..

Last Updated: March 17, 2007

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